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Has your horse developed a musculoskeletal problem causing problems with lameness, gait, and tension? Have you noticed reluctance to canter, shorter strides or head carriage issues?

These are common signs and symptoms that can affect the performance and behaviour of your horse and ultimately their long term health. Just as we humans suffer the results of physical stresses, so does your horse.

Equine Osteopathy is recognised by vets, horse owners and the stable team as an effective and natural treatment for many equine conditions. The results of treatment can include;

  • Improved performance at racing, jumping and dressage
  • Balanced behaviour
  • More natural gait and normal stride
  • Improved head and neck posture
  • Relief from pain

If you’ve noticed physical or behavioural changes in your horse and would like to see them improve, please contact WeaverHouse Equine Osteopaths today by completing the contact form or calling 0845 519 8614 and discover how we can help.


Runners - couple runningWe also run a successful and popular Human Osteopathy Clinic in Nantwich; Weaverhouse, treating back, neck, shoulder and joint problems. Click here for more details!

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