About Us

The team at WeaverHouse Equine are osteopaths who have undergone a four year degree course in human osteopathy and then elected post graduate training in osteopathic techniques for the horse.

Together with animal anatomy and physiology training and gait analysis and assessing limb lameness, your equine osteopath is the ideal practitioner to provide effective and lasting treatment. To find out more about the dedicated team please click here.

Professional service assured

You can be assured that you will get the most practical working diagnosis for your animal’s problem, Our team are fully trained and registered practitioners, and we will provide the most appropriate and practical treatment. At every step we offer our professional advice so that you are always in the picture and understand exactly how equine osteopathy is helping your animal. Our service extends beyond the treatment and we provide you with advice and aftercare for their animal which will normally involve ridden exercises, exercises to perform from the floor and immediate aftercare as to whether they can be ridden or need time off to rest an injury.


We provide very transparent pricing of £30.00 for a consultation/back check only and £78.00 for consultation and treatment. These fees include VAT at 20%. Call out fees are applicable for new clients, starting from £20. Please contact us for details of the areas we cover.