How we Work

Osteopathic treatment on animals follows a similar philosophy as it does with humans.

Trained and proven osteopathic techniques have been used and adapted to work on the animal ‘patient’, relieving tension in the soft tissue structures in the body to encourage the spine and pelvis to function optimally. Click here for a list of the common symptoms we treat.

The techniques

Equine Osteopaths use long slow massage techniques initially to the superficial tissues around the area of dysfunction, then incorporate a whole range of other manoeuvres involving deeper pressure, articulatory and manipulative techniques to restore normal spinal function and balance. Your equine Osteopath will often work alongside another practitioner to focus on each side of the animal’s body, giving a more holistic approach to the way we treat. Following the proven osteopathic principal that ‘structure governs function’, our equine Osteopaths will often work on a body part seemingly uninvolved with the area of dysfunction but this is often the secret to successful outcomes.

Working with your vet

We follow strict protocols and it is a legal requirement in the UK to have veterinary consent to consult and treat your animal with animal osteopathy techniques. More and more vets work closely with equine osteopaths as they see the results at first hand. Every treatment we provide is recorded by the equine Osteopath and a copy of this is sent to the vet. For your records a written copy of the practitioner’s findings and treatment is given to you.

Download a consent form


We provide very transparent pricing of £25.00 for a consultation only and £65.00 for consultation and treatment plus VAT at 20%

We have a call out fee for new patients

AREA 1     0 – 25 MILES   – £10.00 CALL OUT

AREA 2    26 – 35 MILES  – £15.00 CALL OUT

AREA 3    36 – 45 MILES  – £20.00 CALL OUT

After this distance prices are based on 0.40p per mile (one way )


Please remember New Clients and existing clients can share the cost of call out fees if they are in the same place.

If there is a discount of £10.00 for the referral of a new client, this is on the treatment and not the call out fee .

Discounted call out fees may be available for multiple bookings at the same yard, usually 8 or more clients on same yard (at practitioners discretion).  Please call our team to answer any qestions regarding the call out fees.


If you have your animal covered through insurance you can often claim the cost of equine Osteopathy treatment back, but of course it is the responsibility of the owner to check the terms of their policy first.

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